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Buddy Workout

Last Saturday we did 3 types of buddy workout and today we will do another 3 workouts.

Today´s workout, 3 circles of

12 ForwardBackward Lunge

Stand facing each other about one foot apart, Partner A holding a small ball or an apple at his/her chest. Partner A steps forward with right foot, as B simultaneously steps backward with left foot. At the bottom of the lunge, A passes the item he/she is holding to B before both push off and return to start position. Repeat.

15 Sit ups High five

Partners lie face up with knees bent and their feet flat on the floor with ankles overlapping. Contract your abs to simultaneously rise up then extend your right hand to touch your buddies hand. Reverse the motion.

12 steps of Wheelbarrow

A begins in a high plank position with arms straight, shoulders above wrists and core tight.  B stands at A’s feet and carefully lifts A’s ankles one at a time, so that A is in a “wheelbarrow” position. From here both A and B walk together 12 steps, A on his/her hands and B on his/her legs. After 12 steps switch positions.

After one circle rest for one minute, take 3 circles total. After finishing give your buddy one big clap.