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Do you manage your money or does it manage you?

Understanding personal finance is not above your head. Everybody can manage their finance with a little bit of help. Well everybody that has some kind of self control and the will to do so. Don´t let your money or the lack of it be the boss of you. Take control!

First, by getting a view over your financial. Know where your money goes. Keep a book over your expenses and if possible cut the expenses down. One dollar here and another one there do matter, take care of them. Your dollars might work for you one day by collecting interest rates.

Second, start saving. We all need an emergency fund. What if your car breaks down or you lose your job? Have an emergency fund. Also have a retirement fund. We will not be young forever, unfortunately. Start saving some money for retirement. Retire without money worries.

Third, take care of your health, take care of your wealth and your might get to be young a little bit longer. Enjoy life!