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Fun things to do with your loved ones on Valentine´s day

Valentine´s day can be a good opportunity to do something special with your loved ones. This holiday is not just about romance and your significant other. It can be about all of them, your entire family.

Here are some ideas for things to do

Treasure hunt. Send your loved ones on treasure hunt with handwritten clues to find their Valentine´s day present.

Game night.  Turn off the technology and get back in touch with the kid in you by playing board game with the whole family.

Get outside. Take your family and/or friends to a local park for a walk and hike. Get some exercise and drink some hot chocolate.

Photo shoot. Do a photo shoot at home with some fun props from around the house.

Family dinner. Spice up your kitchen skills and try something new. Spend time in the kitchen with your family while cooking an doing the dishes as well as eating.