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Jacqueline Adan

Jacqueline Adan lost 350 lbs with diet and exercise after constant struggle with her weight since she was a kid. After her weight loss she had her first skin removal surgery and she needs 2-3 more to remove the rest of her excess skin. The 30 pounds of extra skin can cause back and neck problems and therefore it is important for her to have all the extra skin removed. Jacqueline started to blog about her journey to skin removal surgery.

JA before and after

 I decided to start this blog to express myself and share how I am feeling and what I am going through everyday leading up to one of the biggest days of my life!  I am hoping that through my journey I can help inspire and motivate others, and let people know that no matter how big of a goal or a dream that you have, if you work hard and believe in yourself you can do anything! – Jacqueline Adan –

JA skin








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Jacqueline is documenting her journey on Social Media and you can follow along as she continues her journey.