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Skin care tips for healthy skin

There is no such thing as no time for skin care! Your skin is your largest organ and it can reveal the stories of your life. If you are not taking care of you your skin will tell. You can delay aging process and prevent skin problems with good skin care and healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips.

  • Healthy diet
    • Your diet can be as important as the serums and creams you apply on your skin, even more important. Good diet can work wonders on you skin, eat clean and drink water.
  • Sunscreen
    • Protect yourself from the sun by using a broad spectrum sunscreen, at least SPF 15, and wear protective clothing. You can cover your skin by using long sleeved  shirts, pants and wide brimmed hats.
  • Don´t smoke
    • Researches have shown that smoking damage collagen and elastin and is more premature facial wrinkling than sun exposure
  • Avoid extra stress
    • Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes your skin more sensitive. It causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones which affects your skin in negative way.
  • Moisturize daily
    • A good moisturizing is the best defense against dry skin. Lotion up after shower and keep moisturizer in your handbag and/or office.
  • Get your beauty sleep
    • Skin makes new collagen when you sleep and more collagen means that your skin is plumper and less likely to wrinkle. A good night sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth.