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Buddy workout (3)

Today we will pop up our workout and do something new. Starting by warming up with 20 jumping jacks. Face your buddy and while he is trying to finish his jumping jacks you make some funny faces and tell some jokes. Your partner is not allowed to laugh, if your buddy starts to laugh he has to start over from 1. When your buddy has finish his 20 jumping jacks you switch places.

Exercise 1

Buddy A has to stay in plank positions while his buddy finishes 12 push ups. Switch positions and repeat twice, each partner does 2 x plank and 2 time push ups.

Exercise 2

Buddy A has to do butt kicks as fast he can while his buddy finishes 12 side lunge (6 x each leg). Switch positions and repeat.

Exercise 3

30 m sprint Spider run. Compete with your buddy in 30 m sprint. You and your buddy have to finish the whole 30 meters by Spider run. If you still have some energy left then you and your buddy can sprint back in Frog hops.

Always remember to have fun while working out.