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How to stay fit over the holidays

Over the holidays we meet more temptation in terms of what we eat and less time to work off those sugar cookies and baked goods at the gym. The holidays however do not have to be a hard time to stay fit, there are lots of ways to stay fit during the holidays. Here are some tips to stay fit during the holidays.

Try healthier recipes

Try finding healthy alternatives to some of your traditional holiday favorites. There are so many different healthy recipes available all over the internet. There is no reason for you not to find recipes that will make your taste buds happy.

Stay hydrated

Drink up before you go to Christmas parties and/or when you are prepping the holiday meals. Water is necessary for your body to function and it can help calm a false sense of hunger.

Eat smart

Avoid eating a very heavy meal right before bedtime and if you want to treat you with something high in sugar, eat it earlier in the day.

Alternative methods

Consider alternative methods of getting fitness into your routine. In instead of spending time with your family on the sofa in front of the TV encourage them to go out for a walk, skiing or skating with you. If the weather is bad you can always sty in and play wii fitness games.

Be Active

Squeeze in some burpees, squats and push up into your schedule. Ten burpees before heading out in the morning can give your pulse a good push. Park your car some distance away from the store and use the stairs when ever you can. Get out and play with your kids in the backyard/park.

Here are some examples for five minutes full body workout