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It is all about communication!

Every day we communicate in one way or another. We communicate through several channels. Face to face, voice to voice, written to written and so on. Every communication requires both receiver and sender. For the communication to be successful both the sender and the receiver must understand the message.

Communications tips

  • Know your message and be clear. If you aren’t then your receiver won´t understand your message. Make sure that it´s easy for your receiver to understand your message.
  • Be concise and keep your message brief. Don´t waste your receivers time with unnecessary words.
  • Be concrete. Give your receiver clear picture of the message.
  • Keep your points to the main topic of the messages. It´s important to keep the flow of the message consistent or you will lose your receivers attention.
  • Complete your messages. Leave your receiver informed and not with any unanswered questions.

When your are the receiver, don´t forget to pay attention and listen to the message.