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Pair up – it´s a time for a Buddy Workout

Next few Saturdays we are going to kick off with some buddy workouts, are your ready!

Today´s workout is

3 circle of

12 Jump Squats With Clap

Stand side by side, one foot apart and facing opposite directions. From the bottom of your squat, simultaneously push off and jump up, bringing arms overhead and clapping your inside hands together at the height of your jump.

10 Touch Plank (5 times each hand)

Hold a plank, head-to-head with each other. From plank, lift your right hand and reach toward the opposite shoulder on you partner. Replace right hand, and as quickly as possible, repeat on the left side.

12 Superman’s high five 

Lie face down on the floor, 2 feet between partners. Keep shoulders and elbows bent about 90 degrees and your feet about hip width apart. Contracting your lower back, gluts, and hamstrings, simultaneously raise your feet and upper torso off the floor, crossing one hand over to tap your partner’s hand. Lower back down and repeat.

After each circle take 1 min. break before your start the next one.

When you have finish 3 circles give your buddy one big Clap and remember to stretch after your workout.