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What is your New Year’s resolution?

A New Year’s resolutions can be fun to make but hard to keep. About one of every three people set themselves a New Year’s resolutions, around 75% stick to their goals for a week and less than half are still on their goal six months later. It is hard to keep up the enthusiasm for months but nothing is impossible.

Write down your resolutions, make your own blueprint towards your goals. Start by making one end goal and then write down smaller goals toward your end goal. You have 12 months to reach your end goal, think of those months as steps. Steps on your road to success. If your goal is to loose 50 pounds set your goal to loose 4.1-4.2 pounds per month for example. You can make goals about your family, money, work, health and so on. No matter what your goal is, it is important to get the steps you are going to take, into your daily habits. Make your goal part of your every day life.

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