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Why Recovery is as important as your workout

Building muscle and getting stronger are not just about pumping iron and neither is hitting the gym hard all about training. Recovery and rest are essential parts of any strength and conditioning program. Spending hours in the gym, lifting hard all day in and all day out can both stall your progress and increased your risk for injury. Recovery must occur before progress can be made, no matter if you are a bodybuilder or a runner. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, your recovery days and easy workout days are just as important as the days you crush it. Take the time you need to rest, and reap the benefits later. Make a plan for your recovery as well as your workout. Here are some ideas to help you with your recovery.


Stretching is a great way to relieve muscular tension and potentially downplay the soreness you experience later.


Focus on quality sleep. Sleeping isn´t just about relaxing, it is the necessary downtime that your body needs to restore itself.


Foam rolling has it´s benefits. It breaks up little muscle adhesion’s that cause muscle imbalances, it can improve your flexibility and you joint function.


Feed your body, eat clean and skip sugar. Good diet helps your body to recover faster.


Muscle soreness occurs from lactic acid build in a muscle. Drinking water helps your body to flush out toxins so your body can recover better.


Have fun and enjoy your workouts and recovery!